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Mod Note [May. 9th, 2008|01:38 am]
Real Philosophy


Thus far I have used this community primarily to post essays I have written that people may or may not be interested in, I do encourage the asking of general questions or even posting your own essays here for th benefit of everyone else. I've mostly posted essays to try and get things going and hopefully encourage others to post as well.

Finals are coming up so I find myself very busy at the moment, but in a week that shall no longer be true and there are a couple of essays I've written for classes that I would like to edit once more before posting them here so that the points I felt were most important could be seen much more clearly.

I will also be working on a couple of other essays outside of that. The first one the structures of racism and white privilege, as well as an essay on Wittgenstein and verification (though, I will not likely be using the arguments by Wittgenstein that have been traditionally used in regards to verification).

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