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philosophyboard's Journal

Real Philosophy
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To explore all fields of philosophy
This community was developed by ragnarok20 to try and facilitate philosophical conversation in a way that philosophy, real_philosophy and yes, even philo_majors has failed. Due to the attitudes of the moderators of the aforementioned communities, it would seem as though it does not fit the needs of discussing all related fields of philosophy, or for the different view points that will undoubtedly occur due to the inherent nature of not only life, but the internet as well. The tendency of the moderators of the aforementioned communities to ban those people with contradictory view points from engaging in discussion. The purpose of this community is to facilitate rational discussion and no user will be banned unless they show an inherent inability to do so.

1) The moderator is not omnipotent or omniscient. As such, if you feel that there has been a breach of any of the rules out-lined below, contact them immediately with the link to the first instance of it occurring, as well as subsequent instances that warrant the attention of the moderator so that the situation may be assessed.

2) No trolling. The word troll is bandied about a lot on the internet and for all intents and purposes the definition of a troll is as follows: "Someone who makes inflammatory posts or comments with the purpose of disrupting rational discourse." While people often make inflammatory posts or comments, it is not always for the purpose of disrupting rational discourse. However, as mentioned above, the ultimate authority is to ragnarok20 in order to determine whether or not you deserve to be banned.

3) No argumentum ad hominem abusive. For newcomers to the philosophic tradition this is an attack against the person, and is often personified by, "You're an idiot," which is not acceptable. There is, however, a difference between, "You're an idiot because your argument stinks," and, "Your argument stinks because you're an idiot." Other forms of ad hominem (circumstantial and tu quoque) will be tolerated as it is always important to examine our motivations.

4) Three strikes and you are out. Depending on the severity of the offense, a strike against the person may or may not be warranted, and it is ultimately up to the discretion of the moderator to determine that. Some things, such as formatting issues, do not warrant a strike whereas others, such as those contained within 2 and 3, will.

5) No locked posts. Please make all posts public and available to any potential members. This isn't a hard and fast rule, though it is appreciated.

6) No deleting comments except to fix errors in spelling, html, or to more clearly express an idea that you feel was not adequately supported. If you feel that someone has deleted a comment to hide an indiscretion or something that violates livejournal ToS, send a screen cap to avatarmorn@hotmail.com